Home Support Worker Program

Program Overview

This program provides students with entry-level client care skills in order to gain employment as Home Support Workers. Students will be taught to assist with routine daily living for clients who do not require nursing support.

Upon the completion of the program, students will possess the skills needed to provide care and support to clients who require assistance with mobility, assist terminally ill clients, and understand impairment and mental health issues. Graduates will be able to manage an individual’s home needs (i.e. housekeeping, food preparation, dressing and grooming, taking clients for outings or appointments) and provide respite for the family.

These skills can be used with clients of all ages. Successful graduates may be hired by the private home care sector or community care facilities, not Provincial Home Care or long-term care facilities.

Program Information

  •    •   Length: 18 weeks
  •    •   Class times:
    •    ›   Charlottetown: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 4:00pm
    •    ›   Summerside: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 4:00pm

Admission Requirements

  •    •   Grade 12 or equivalent (copy of high school transcript or GED certificate)
  •    •   A Level II Police Records Check including a Vulnerable Persons Check
  •    •   Current CPR Level C and Standard First Aid Certificate
  •    •   Medical Certificate signed by a medical doctor
  •    •   Immunization Form
  •    •   Current resume with three (3) references attached (personal references accepted)
  •    •   $20 Application Fee (upon acceptance, the fee will be credited to tuition)

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, graduates will possess the needed skills to seek opportunities in:

  •    •   Home Support Work
  •    •   Home Support Services
  •    •   Private Homes
  •    •   Community and Long Term Care
  •    •   Geriatric Assistance

Clinical Placement

During the course of the program, students are placed in professional environments to practice and enhance their skills in a real setting.

There will be 6 weeks of clinical practicum as a part of this program.

Areas of Study

The Home Support Worker program covers the following areas of study to prepare students for employment in the field:

Curriculum Outline
Orientation to Home Care
   •    The Home Health Agency
   •    Understanding Client Needs
   •    Working with Geriatric and Disabled Clients
   •    Careers in Home Health Care
Communication Skills
   •    Understanding Communications
   •    Diversity and Cultural Differences
   •    Recording, Reporting, and Client Observation
Managing the Home Environment
   •    Maintaining a Safe Environment
   •    Maintaining a Healthy Environment
   •    Meeting the Client’s Nutritional Needs
   •    Planning, Purchasing, and Serving Food
Home Care Procedures
   •    Preventing Infection/Medical Asepsis
   •    Infection Control
   •    Body Mechanics
   •    Measuring Vital Signs, Collecting Specimens
   •    Personal and Skin Care
   •    Bed Making
   •    Elimination
Meeting the Client’s Special Needs
   •    Caring for Seniors/Older Adults
   •    Caring for Mothers, Infants, Children, and Young Adults
   •    Caring for Clients with Mental Illness
   •    Caring for Clients with Illnesses Requiring Home Care
   •    Caring for the Client at the End of Life
   •    Transfer, Lifting, Repositioning (TLR)
   •    Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
   •    First Aid/CPR
   •    Occupational Health and Safety