Resident Care Worker Program

Program Overview

This program provides students with theoretical and practical training to qualify them for employment as Certified Resident Care Workers. Students will develop skills in personal client care, nursing, safety in healthcare settings, and communications in health. They will also gain an understanding of the human body, its structure, and its function.

Upon the completion of this program, graduates will possess the skills needed to:

  •    •   Provide care and support to people requiring assistance with personal hygiene and mobility.
  •    •   Assist terminally ill patients.
  •    •   Understand impairment and mental health issues.
  •    •   Understand support care and planning.

Our professional educational program provides group and individualized instruction with an RN/LPN instructor present at all times. This program is recognized by the government, private community, nursing care facilities, and home care agencies.


Program Information

  •    •   Length: 36 weeks
  •    •   Class times:
    •    ›   Charlottetown: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 4:00pm
    •    ›   Summerside: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 4:00pm

Admission Requirements

  •    •   Grade 12 or equivalent (copy of high school transcript or GED certificate)
  •    •   A Level II Police Records Check including a Vulnerable Persons Check
  •    •   Current CPR Level C and Standard First Aid Certificate
  •    •   Medical Certificate signed by a medical doctor
  •    •   Immunization Form
  •    •   Current resume with three (3) references attached (personal references accepted)
  •    •   $20 Application Fee (upon acceptance, the fee will be credited to tuition)

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, graduates will possess the needed skills to seek opportunities in:

  •    •   Personal Support Work
  •    •   Home Support Services
  •    •   Private Care Work
  •    •   Long-Term Care Facilities
  •    •   Mental Health Facilities
  •    •   Patient Care Work

Clinical Placement

During the course of the program, all students are placed in professional environments to practice and enhance their skills in a real setting.
The first and second semesters include 6-week placements in a geriatric setting. The second semester also includes an additional 3-week placement and a 6-day placement in Home Care.

Clinical Placements Include:
  •    •   Manors & Nursing Homes
  •    •   Home Care
  •    •   Psychiatry

Areas of Study

The Resident Care Worker program covers the following areas of study to prepare students for employment in the field:

Curriculum Outline

Understanding Human Behaviour
   •    Responsibilities of Healthcare Providers
   •    Becoming an Effective Healthcare Provider
   •    Coping with Loss
   •    Trends in Healthcare
Principles of Resident/Client Care
   •    Assisting with Psycho/Social Needs
   •    Assisting with Physical Needs
   •    Assisting with Special Needs
   •    Performing Technical Duties
   •    Utilizing and Maintaining Equipment and Supplies
   •    Providing Home Care
Safety for Residents/Clients and Staff
   •    Protecting Residents’ Rights and Safety
   •    Providing a Safe Environment
Communications in the Healthcare Field
   •    Developing Personal Competencies
   •    Communication and Interpersonal Skills
   •    Observation, Documentation, and Reporting
The Human Body, its Structure and Function
   •    Measuring and Recording Residents’ Data
   •    Restorative and Rehabilitative Care
   •    Residents with Special Needs
Acute Care
   •    Restoring Mobility
   •    Pain Management Procedures
   •    Oncology Treatments
   •    Care of Surgical Patient
Clinical Practicum
   •    Clinical Practicum I: Long Term Care
   •    Clinical Practicum II: Community, Mental Health, and Home Care
   •    Clinical Practicum III: Acute Care
   •    TLR (Transfer, Lifting, Positioning)
   •    WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)
   •    Gentle Persuasion Approach
   •    Alzheimer’s
   •    Fire Safety
   •    Palliative Care
   •    Adult Protection
   •    AIDS
   •    Human Rights
   •    Occupation Health and Safety